Free shipping on all orders over $75.00

Free shipping on all orders over $75.00

About Us


About The Business

Welcome to Reality Building Materials Trading LLC, your partner in fulfilling construction material needs. Our offerings encompass a broad spectrum, ranging from Power Tools and Paints to Hardware, Welding Equipment, Industrial Tools and Equipment, Plumbing and Sanitary solutions, Woods & Timbers, Plywood, and Gypsum Products. As a reliable retailer, we prioritize simplifying your material sourcing, ensuring you have access to renowned brand products all in one place. Our focus on quality and efficiency is aimed at supporting your projects, regardless of scale. With a commitment to professionalism, we are here to contribute to your construction journey.

Company Vision And Mission


To be a trusted hub within the construction industry, offering a diverse selection of premium building materials that contribute to project excellence.


Our mission is to provide construction professionals with a reliable source for a wide range of high-quality building materials. We aim to streamline the procurement process, offering convenience and efficiency, while fostering enduring partnerships built on trust.